Welcome to AK Dutta Hotels Pvt. Ltd.

AK Dutta Hotel group with a bouquet of Three Star Category Hotel in this area welcomes all visitors from all parts of country and offers the best hospitality in the district of Temples and Tradition.

Tourism is an activity to attract people of a certain place, to transport them there, to arrange food and ,beverage upon arrival and to transport them where ever the tourists want to go. It mayor may not involve an overnight stay.

Tours and travel the urge of man to get rid of tension and monotony of modern life that draws him out of his own confine. Apart from long tours weekend outing far a day or two is becoming popular in our country.

Bankura is receiving both professionals and tourists from various parts of India.

The tender beauty of Bankura the green trees, the red soil, the sparking silvery waters, the culture, festivals, sounds to music and dance and handicrafts like Terracotta, Dhokra, Bell Metal, brassware and Tasar Silk, Wood Carving, Baluchari Saree, Handloom pieces, Stone Carving, Conchshell works!