One of the finest in the town our Bar comprises of Scotch, Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Brandy, and other premium drinks.

Whether it’s a cocktail, mocktail, wine, or brew we serve it all. To add to it the atmosphere, songs, and TV adds to the excitement.

Sitting in the bar and chatting with some friends how can one miss out on some delicacies and snacks?

We have some great snacks, starters, as well as salads to go along with every drink. Every sip you take and every minute you spend in our Bar makes you feel more comfortable and wanting to spend more time.

Our bar is designed such that one can either sit in front at the table enjoying each sip or sit and relax in the sofas and chat or spend time privately.

Our Bar counter opens up as early as 10 and stays till late well past midnight.