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Bankura district, falling under eastern Chhota Nagpur Plateau, looks like handpicked by Mother Nature and is blessed with old brown hills, murmuring rivers, ancient temples - all bearing the testimony to a rich cultural heritage.

This is a part of the ancient Rarh region ( the word rarh is thought to mean Land of Red Soil or land of laterite. Bankura has an international fame for the “Bankura Horse”- a terracotta crafted horse, and for Dashabatar Tash (the historic paintings). You will find master weavers working in the garment industry which is famous for Baluchari, silk and handloom Sarees. Chilly January welcomes ‘Mukutmanipur Loksanskriti Mela’ with great joy.

People here make craftworks made of bell metal, an alloy of copper, one of the oldest crafts in Bengal. Dokra, terracotta, folk songs, dances, cultural functions and different types of local artifacts will surely blow your mind. Taste the aroma of a tribal fair and live in a different culture for sometime.

Tourism at Bankura

Bankura has gained wide appeal as a popular tourist destination. The place can legitimately take pride in having a wide range of spots attracting the tourists for a variety of reasons ranging from arts and architecture, terracotta temples, dense forest, hills and scenic beauty of Mukutmanipur, the second largest earthen dam of India. At Susunia Hill, one can witness the oldest rock inscription of Bengal.

While Vising Bishnupur

Which deserve a special mention in that, just walkthrough the Rasmancha and other terracotta temples. Experience the heritage of Malla Dynasty. Explore the joy of getting lost in solitude feel the unspoiled nature at Bankura by visiting Susunia Hill, Biharinath Hill and Jayrambati. Some other offbeat places to be mentioned are Joypur Forest, Ghaghor etc. Explore a heritage town and feel the aroma of eternal peace.

Must Visit on Bakura :

  • Susunia Hill

  • Biharinath Hill

  • Jayrambati

  • Joypur Forest

  • Ghaghor